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The Third International Conference of Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies provides an excellent forum, which contributes new results in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, Emerging Technologies, Unmanned Systems, Communication and Networking, and Cyber-Security in line with technological advances in the Kingdom under the umbrella of the Vision 2030.


Bringing together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on smart systems and technologies related to computer science, information technology, and engineering as well as interdisciplinary research and applications.

The conference focuses on all technical and practical aspects of Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies with applications in real-world and scientific problems.


SMARTTECH 2024 seeks to promote research that carries a strong conceptual message (e.g., introducing a new concept or model, opening a new line of inquiry within traditional or interdisciplinary areas, or introducing new techniques or new applications of known methods). SMARTTECH 2024 welcomes all submissions, whether aligned with the current theory of computation research directions or deviating from them.

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SMARTTECH 2024 will be held at Marrakech, Morocco.

26-28 November, 2024

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Track 1. Artificial Intelligence

Track 2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Track 3. Emerging Technologies

Track 4. Unmanned Systems

Track 5. Communication and Networking

Track 6. Cyber-Security

Submissions & Publication

Papers should describe original and unpublished work about the above or related topics. All manuscripts will be reviewed by three members of the program committee. Authors are invited to submit their papers in English of up to 13 pages. The format of the paper should follow Springer guidelines . All contributions should be original and not published elsewhere or intended to be published during the review period.


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