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The First International Conference of Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies provides an excellent forum, which contributes new results in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, Emerging Technologies, Unmanned Systems, Communication and Networking, and Cyber-Security in line with technological advances in the Kingdom under the umbrella of the Vision 2030.


Bringing together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on smart systems and technologies related to computer science, information technology, and engineering as well as interdisciplinary research and applications.

The conference focuses on all technical and practical aspects of Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies with applications in real-world and scientific problems.


SMARTTECH 2020 seeks to promote research that carries a strong conceptual message (e.g., introducing a new concept or model, opening a new line of inquiry within traditional or interdisciplinary areas, or introducing new techniques or new applications of known methods). SMARTTECH 2020 welcomes all submissions, whether aligned with the current theory of computation research directions or deviating from them.

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SMARTTECH 2020 will be held at Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

3 - 5 November 2020

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020



Opening Address

By Dr. Ahmed Yamani, President of PSU


Opening Words from General Chairs

By Azzeddine Boukerche


Opening Words from Program Chairs

By Anis Koubaa and Ahmad Azar


Keynote Speaker

By Prof. Mohamed-Slim Alouini


Session 1: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision | 10:00-11:00

Chair: Anis Koubaa (PSU)

Automatic Gun Detection From Images Using Faster R-CNN

By Rana M. Alaqil , Jaida A. Alsuhaibani, Batool A. Alhumaidi, Raghad A.
Alnasser, Rahaf D. Alotaibi, Hafida Benhidour


DriftNet: Aggressive Driving Behaviour Detection using 3D
Convolutional Neural Networks

By Alam Noor, Bilel Benjdira, Adel Ammar, and Anis Koubaa


Automatic Smart UAV search of lost floating target in ocean
environment based on high dense clustering

By Mehrez Boulares and Ahmed Barnawi


Session 2: Communication and Networking, Next Generation Protocols | 11:00-12:00

Chair: Saad I. Alhuwaimel (KACST)

Application of future 6G technology to support heavy data traffic in
highly mobile networks

By Rafael Kunst, Edison Pignaton, Ting Zhou, Honglin Hu


Avoiding Forwarding Loop Across Multiple Domains Without Controller
Synchronization in SDN

By Nauman Khan, Rosli Bin Salleh , Zahid Khan , Anis Koubaa


A Novel mmWave Defected Ground Structure Based Microstrip Antenna for
5G Cellular Applications

By Abdullah Qayyum, Arbab Haseeb Khan, Shahab Uddin, Owais Ahmad, Jan
Sher Khan and Shahid Bashir




Session 3: Unmanned Systems, Robotic Control | 1:00-2:00

Chair: Zahid Khan (PSU)

Artificial Bee Colony Optimized Self-tuning PI Speed Controller for
FCS-MPCC of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines

By M. H. Arshad, Abubakr H. Elsayed, M. A. Abido, A. Salem


Backstepping H-Infinity Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Time
Varying Disturbances

By Ahmad Taher Azar, Fernando E. Serrano, Anis Koubaa, Nashwa Ahmad Kamal


Adapted Fuzzy Fractional Order proportional-integral controller for DC

By Arezki Fekik, Hakim Denoun, Ahmad Taher Azar, Anis Koubaa, Nashwa
Ahmad Kamal5, Mustapha Zaouia, Mohamed Lamine Hamida, and Nacira Yassa


Session 4: Cybersecurity, Machine Learning | 2:00-3:20

Chair: Abdelouahiad Derhab (KSU)

Assessment of Machine Learning Techniques for Building an Efficient

By Sotirios Panagiotis Chytas, Leandros Maglaras, Abdelouahid Derhab and
George Stamoulis


Phishing Detection Using Machine Learning Technique

By Junaid Rashid, Toqeer Mahmood, Muhammad Wasif Nisar, Tahira Nazir


Using Machine Learning for Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Body
Area Network

By Fheed Alsubaie, Mousa Al-Akhras, Hamdan A. Alzahrani


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Keynote Speaker II

By Prof. Fakhri Karray


Session 5: Artificial Intelligence, Medical Applications | 9:40-11:20

Chair: Tanzial Saba (PSU)

Deep Transfer Learning for Nucleus and Micronucleus Recognition

By Tarik Alafif, Sameer Qari, Ayman Albassam, and Abdulmajeed Alrefaei.


Diabetic Retinopathy Lesions Detection using Faster-RCNN from retinal

By Tahira Nazir, Aun Irtaza, Junaid Rashid, Marriam Nawaz and Toqeer


Agent-based simulation for COVID-19 outbreak within a semi-closed

By Mohammad Shanaa and Sherief Abdallah


Predicting COVID-19 Spread Level using Socio-Economic Indicators and
Machine Learning Techniques

By Alaeddine Mihoub; Hosni Snoun; Moez Krichen; Riadh Bel Hadj Salah;
Montassar Kahia


Image Pattern Analysis towards Classification of Skin Cancer through
Dermoscopic Images

By Khushbakht Iqtidar, Amna Iqtidar, Waqas Ali, Sumair Aziz, Muhammad
Umar Khan



  • Atrial Fibrillation Detection Using a Double-Layer Bi-Directional LSTM Neural Networks

    Mona Alsaleem and Md Saiful Islam

  • A Novel Approach for POS Tagging of Pashto Language

    Haris Ali Khan, Muhammad Junaid Ali and Umme-Hanni

  • Blockchain-based Key Management Protocol for Resource-Constrained IoT Devices

    Ahmed Alrehaili and Aabid Mir

  • Secure IoT based E-Health Application System

    Muhammad Naeem Tahir, Sahar Malik, Urooj Rashid

  • A Survey of Security Challenges with 5G-IoT

    Aabid Mir, Megat F. Zuhairi, Shahruniza Musa, Toqeer Ali Syed and Ahmed Alrehaili

  • A Brief Overview of Biometrics in Cybersecurity: A Comparative Analysis

    Nuha Alanezi, Najla Alharbi, Zainab Alharthi and Omar Alhazmi

  • Feature Selection to Optimize DoS Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Mousa Al-Akhras, Abdulaziz I. Al-issa, Mohammed S. ALsahli, Mohammed Alawairdhi

  • Human-Robot Interaction: A Myo Armband Using EMG and IMU Signals

    Uzair Muhammad, Khadija Amjad Sipra, Muhammad Waqas, Shanshan Tu, Anis Koubaa

  • Steering Algorithm for Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems using Sliding Mode Control

    Waseem Abbasi and Fazal ur Rehman

  • Combination of Blockchains to Secure Smart Home Internet of Things

    Hilalah F. Alturkistani, Nourah K. AlSa'awi



Session 6: Emerging Technologies, Intelligent Applications | 1:00-2:00

Chair: Basit Qureshi (PSU)

Application of Business Intelligence Solution Development and
Implementation in a Small-Sized Enterprise

By Hind Alaskar, Tanzila Saba


Feature Based Optical Flow Model for Obstacle Detection on a Camera

By Abdulmalik Danlami Mohammed, Tim Morris


Enhancing the security of financial transactions in Blockchain by
using machine learning techniques: towards a sophisticated security
tool for banking and finance.

By Dalila Boughaci and Abdullah Alkhawaldeh


Session 7: Emerging Technologies, Energy | 2:00-3:00

Chair Uthman Baroudi (KFUPM)

Containerization: For Over-the-Air Programming of Field Deployed
Internet-of-Energy Based on Cost Effective LPWAN

By Rameez Asif, Kinan Ghanem and James Irvine


Improving the Performance of Solar Panels by Automated Water Cooling
System and IoT

By Yousif Al-Wajih, Muhammad Mysorewala, Ahmed Mohammed, Shehab Mostafa


A signal analysis approach towards detection and classification of
power quality disturbances

By Abdullah, Muhammad Umar Khan, Waqas Ali, Muhammad Faisal Shehzad,
Sumair Aziz


Session 8: Emerging Technologies, Eletrical Engineering | 3:00-4:00

Chair: Umashankar Subramaniam (PSU)

Hybrid Image Fusion Method Based On Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT),
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Guided Filter

By Andleeb Noor, Saima Gaffar, M. T Hassan, Mir Junaid, Aabid Mir and
Amandeep Kaur


High Speed Half-Precision Floating-Point Fused Multiply and Add Unit
Using DSP Blocks

By S.Sankar Ganesh, J.Jean Jenifer Nesam, Umashankar Subramaniam


Supervised Machine Learning Based Artificial Neural Network Approach
for the Control of Matrix Converter

By Muhammad Ishaq, Muhammad Hammad Afzal


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Session 9: Artificial Intelligence, Activity Recognition | 8:30-9:30

Chair: Adel Ammar (PSU)

Feature Compression Based on Discrete Cosine Transform for Handwritten
Digit Recognition

By Ali Mohammed Al-Mohammedi and Irfan Ahmed


Fusion of Global and Local Deep Features Using Bag of Words and VLAD
Encoding for Human Activity Recognition

By Amany Abdelbaky and Saleh Aly


A Tensor Approach for Activity Recognition and Fall Detection Using
Wearable Inertial Sensors

By Elhocine Boutellaa, Khalida Ghanem, Hakim Tayakout, Oussama Kerdjidj,
Farid Harizi, Salah Bourennane


Break - 10 minutes


Session 10: Internet-of-Things, IoT Applications | 9:40-11:00

Chair: Abdelhamid Taha (Alfaisal University)

Raspberry Pi Assisted Safety System for Elderly People: An Application
of Smart Home

By Habab Jan, Hikmat Yar, Javed Iqbal, Haleem Farman, Zahid Khan and Anis


Vulnerabilities and Security Issues in IoT Protocols

By Raghad Abdulghani, Marwa Alrehili, Abrar Almuhanna, Omar Alhazmi


Pervasive Communications Technologies For Managing Pandemics

By Mohammad Ilyas, Basit Qureshi


Voice Command and Hand Gestures for Smart Home

By May Alsaif and Abdulrahman Albarrak


Session 11: Artificial Intelligence, Medial Applications II | 11:00-12:00

Chair: Amjad Rehman (PSU)

A Machine Learning Based Robust Approach to Identify Dementia
Progression Employing Dimensionality Reduction in Cross Sectional MRI

By Afreen Khan, Swaleha Zubair


Cardiotocography: An indicator to predict Vaginal and Cesarean

By Muhammad Umar Khan, Sara Ibraheem, Maira Sohail, Sumair Aziz, Syed
Zohaib Hassan Naqvi and Zurria Kiyani


Electrohysterogram based Term and Preterm Delivery Classification

By Muhammad Umar Khan, Zurria Kiyani, Maira Sohail, Sumair Aziz, Sara
Ibraheem and Syed Zohaib Hassan Naqvi




Session 12: Cybersecurity, Security Applications | 1:00-2:20

Chair: Iman Almomani (PSU)

ASAF: Android Static Analysis Framework

By Aala Al Khayer, Iman Almomani, Khaled Elkawlak


Nonlinear System as a Stream-Cipher

By Rhouma Rhouma and Rabie Bechikh


Machine Learning with Blockchain for Secure E-voting System

By Muhammad Asaad Cheema, Nouman Ashraf, Asad Aftab, Hassaan Khaliq
Qureshi, Muhammad kazim, Ahmad Taher Azar


DoS Attacks, Triad and Privacy: Software Exposures in Microsoft, Apple
and Google

By Shahid Anjum


Session 13: Artificial Intelligence, Prediction and Detection | 2:30-3:30

Chair: Lahouari Ghouti (PSU)

Prediction Framework for Water Quality Parameters Monitoring via
Remote Sensing

By Gehad Hassn, Masoud E Shaheen, Shereen A. Taie


Racism Detection in Twitter Using Deep Learning and Text Mining
Techniques for the Arabic Language

By Afaf Alotaibi And Mozaherul Hoque Abul Hasanat


Vibration Signal Analysis Towards Early Detection of Machine Faults

By Sumair Aziz, Muhammad Ahmed, Imran Abbass, Syed Zohaib Hassan Naqvi,
Muhammad Umar Khan


Closing Words


Tracks (Co-Chairs)

Track 1. Artificial Intelligence

Track 2. Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Uthman Baroudi

    King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

  • Zahid Khan

    Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia

Track 3. Emerging Technologies

Track 4. Unmanned Systems

Track 5. Communication and Networking

Track 6. Security

Submissions & Publication

Papers should describe original and unpublished work about the above or related topics. All manuscripts will be reviewed by three members of the program committee. Authors are invited to submit their papers in English of up to 6 double-column pages IEEE format, with up to 2 extra pages with additional fees. The format of the paper should follow IEEE guidelines for the two-column IEEE-sponsored conference proceedings. Templates for Microsoft Word and LaTeX are available here. Authors may use the online submission system hosted by EasyChair Conference System to submit their papers. The submission Web page for SMARTTECH2020 can be found here


Keynote Speakers

Mohamed-Slim Alouini

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Fakhri Karray

University of Waterloo, Canada


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